We are “Sendai Keyaki Union”, which is a labor union.
Anyone is able to join our union.
The purpose of our movements is to improve environment of employees to remove unpaid work, sexual harassment and Power harassment and make employers raise wage. Power harassment is an abuse of authority and workplace bullying.
Employees consult us about these issues and we tackle these problems.
If you have some trouble, please come and see us.
It is free whether you join the union or not.
There are English staffs at our union, who can speak English.

Solved with once collective bargaining!

〇Contact Us

If you are having any workplace issues or simply would like to ask a question, please contact us by sending a message at Email.

It would be helpful for us to understand your situation better if you could include the following.

– the type of work you do

– the name of the company you work for

– the prefecture your workplace is located

– months/years you are on the job

– your hourly/monthly wage

– full time or part-time

– working hour per day/month

The information you provide us will NOT be disclosed to anyone, including your employer, your colleagues, or any government agencies, without your consent.